How Taking 10.000 Steps A Day Is Changing My Life

A Long Time Ago

In the year twenty nineteen I decided to take on a challenge. Ten thousand steps every day with the intention to keep on doing this for the rest of my life. So maybe more a lifestyle change instead when I think about it.

In this modern society it is easy to find alternatives to walking. Some involve zero physical effort on our part. I believe that in order to keep ourselves healthy we have to actually use our bodies the way nature intended. You lose what you do not use.

A long long time ago humans were hunters and gatherers. We traveled for miles to gather food and hunt animals. We were connected with nature and we knew what our bodies needed. Our bodies never really evolved since but our world has.

Fast forward to today. So many sick people and pandemics threaten our way of life. It becomes increasingly important to return to basics. To focus on healthy bodies and healthy minds. I always said that my life would really begin at age 40 and beyond. I always said I still had to reach my peak and now I tend to keep that promise. I always do. One of these steps was to take a lot of steps and so I did.

I am not a doctor so I will not go into all the medical science behind walking. I am certain it has both pros and cons. Playing Tennis can be healthy but not so much when you have broken both your arms. The same goes for walking. That being said walking probably is the easiest form of exercise someone can get into and you can scale up and turn it into a real sport.

The Things I Noticed Since Walking Every Single Day

Before taking on this challenge I was struggling with a serious knee injury. Volleyball is a fun sport but my knees didn’t feel the same way. I woke up late at night in pain. 6 months passed and I was still not improving. I was about to go insane. After only 4 weeks of walking each day I noticed that the pain was less frequent and less intense. Now after 4 months I can safely say I have completely healed my injury along the way.

I carry my Fitbit everyday and it has a story to tell. After months of walking it shows something really interesting. My resting Heart Rate has dropped and has dropped significantly. Fourteen beats per minute kind of significantly. Isn’t that something.

When I walk outside I try to follow the routes that are most surrounded with trees, grass, water and animals. I have developed a stronger relationship with nature. It is safe to say I really really love nature. When I feel stressed it is the presence of Nature that calms me down. Don’t underestimate the importance of our relationship with Mother Nature. She has given us everything. A huge gift we so easily turn down these days, inside surrounded by concrete and 5G staring at a TV screen. Paradise is outside ladies and gentlemen. Wake up and smell the fresh air before it is too late. What we do not use is what we eventually lose. Don’t take it for granted but celebrate it instead. Take the time to appreciate life. Walking long distances will wake you up to these things.

A final thing that makes walking outside worthwhile is because it is almost like the perfect meditation. The most creative ideas come to me while on a long walk and when I bring company, the most interesting brainstorm sessions happen. Companies are created during walks outside. Taking a walk is such a powerful tool in your Entrepreneur bag of tricks.

My message to the world is to take the time and slow things down. Why rush to the inevitable end. You will get there soon. Don’t worry. Now is the time to take the time. Now is the time to enjoy life and walk. Every step you take brings you closer to freedom. Every step you take brings you closer to longevity and happiness.

This is How Taking 10.000 Steps A Day Is Changing My Life