The Power of Gratitude

In times of crisis, we often forget the beautiful things around us and we tend to focus on the negative things instead. I am here to tell you that losing things actually creates space in our lives. Space for new things, insights, and feelings. Things we cannot even comprehend until we discover them for ourselves. One of those things is a strong sense of Gratitude. I took so many things for granted. Travel, eating out, or simply spending time with family. Now in these strange times, these simple things have become complicated.

Feeling Grateful is extremely powerful. It is a passionate love for life. No matter how life presents itself. The Stoics call this Armor Fati or love your fate. Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so. In these times I realize I am still healthy and the ones I love are still here. I have a roof over my head and I have an abundance of food at home. I still have my job and I don’t own a company that now suffers from these trying times. My life’s work has yet to begin. I can now strategically plan my future after the worst is over and use this precious time to invest in myself. To focus on growth and learning instead. I am grateful for the fact that my fiancée and I don’t smash each other’s brains out while we get drunk in lockdown. We’ll make it together. We can just leave our home anything we like here in the Netherlands to enjoy the smell of the fresh air and go for a walk without being arrested. All it requires is some common sense to keep your distance and honor the measures in place to protect those that are most fragile. In many countries, the freedom of leaving home is no longer a given but an exception.

Life is a blessing. A gift. I don’t have to believe in God to understand or experience that. It is not about what life gives us but about what WE give to life. The love, passion, and curiosity echos through life and touches everyone and everything we meet. It is good to be humble in this vast Universe of infinite potential but at the same time, we are made from the very stuff that created life. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself as Carl Sagan so beautifully stated.

Humanity has so much potential to become great. You are infinitely more capable to do good then you will ever know. Gratitude taps into this potential. This raw loving power. It connects us with the essence of life. In feeling gratitude, we tell a different story then what we often see on the surface around us. Gratitude shows a deeper truth. That all is Good and all is Well. This moment we experience right now is all that matters and it is perfect in every way. We can have dreams and desires. It motivates us to explore and reach a higher potential but honestly, you are already where you need to be. You have arrived. Start to appreciate the things around you right now for everything is gained and everything is lost. Every moment a new opportunity to smile and experience life in all her splendor.

The state of Gratitude will unlock new doors for you. Armed with self-control and a burning desire for life, you can accomplish anything and be content with nothing.