8 Things I learned after doing a 30-day health challenge

So what did I learn?

After losing 10 kilos in 3 weeks thanks to our tactics in the Health Challenge month, I came to a number of conclusions and insights. The most important one: throw away your scale. If you have a window that can be opened and you live nice and high, I advise you to aim that thing down. This without being seen and preferably without anyone getting hurt. I am not responsible for your behavior. I have subdivided my insights into 8 lessons.

Lesson 1

Throw away your fucking scale. Twice if you can.

Lesson 2

Walk at least 10k steps each and every single day. Forever! (unless you have 2 broken legs)

Lesson 3

Participate in some form of fasting.

-> Intermittent fasting 16-24 hours

-> Alternate day fasting (my jam) 36 hours fast 12-hour feed – repeat!

-> Extended fast 36 – 72 hour (do this when you need a reboot)

Sidenote: losing fat should not be your main reason to fast at all. Fasting for more than 24 hours will trigger multiple systems in your body that will start recycling damaged cells and help create new and healthy ones (autophagy) it will grant you ketosis. The ability to burn fat as a cleaner fuel for your body. It will stop/reverse aging and boost the immune system. It also gives your body the much-needed rest from needing to deal with so much garbage you have been stuffing in your mouth for all those years. Some early research even suggests that it might be a fighting chance against cancer and increase the potential of chemotherapy.

Fasting is not something religious or spiritual. Fasting is a way to activate powerful healing abilities that reside in our marvelous bodies. Our bodies were never adapted to having a supermarket around every corner or digesting refined sugars and chemicals. Our beautiful bodies are survival machines that function best when they are put to the test.

For those who want some more brainpower. Good news. Fasting will increase your focus and ability to break through things you may have been stuck on for a long time. Senses are heightened and your problem-solving abilities are too. This is a natural mechanism that triggers because you are not feeding. It is a response to increasing your chances of survival and the ability to kill and hunt in order to feed. We can use these capabilities to boost our performance in times of need.

Lesson 4

Don’t eat to fill yourself. Eat to feed and nurture yourself.

Lesson 5

Start slow when breaking a fast. Begin with some berries or a piece of fruit. Then some protein – some more protein and then follow up with your carbs. Keep your snacks, desserts, and treats where they belong. At the end of your feed. Never – ever start your feeding window with foods that are high on sugars and carbs unless you want to fuck yourself up good. I had to learn and am still learning the hard way.

Lesson 6

Feeling good and looking good is the best measure of success. If you want to measure something then measure the inches you lost. Never focus on weight. It means shit! I am serious here. Weight is the most overrated thing to concern yourself with and the cause of frustration, depression and quitting a lifestyle that was actually healing you.

Lesson 7

Living a healthy life is a lifestyle. It is not a diet. It is not a gimmick. Make the decision and follow through till the day you die. Also, make it something sustainable. Don’t count your calories on your feeding day. Don’t skip the dessert you love. Treat yourself and enjoy yourself but make it something worthwhile and something to look forward to instead of chasing that quick dopamine and sugar rush 6 times a day.

Lesson 8

Be careful who you share your strategies with. Giving an opinion is the cheapest thing to do but an uninformed opinion can cause the most damage to anyone’s plans and hopes. Don’t let others steal your thunder. Your mojo. Craft your own plans. Draw your own conclusions and focus on your end goals. Always keep the end in mind as your primary motivator. Don’t listen to people giving you “good” advice while they have done zero percent of the work or research and that leaves me to the final tip: do the work and do the research. Educate yourself with quality information. Test. Explore. Find out what works for you. It is you who has to find the thing that suits you. There is no size that fits all.