The Minimalistic Lifestyle

A New Year

This means something profound or it means nothing at all. Maybe you are just neutral about it. How we feel about it is all in our minds. It is a creation of the imagination. For me, 2020 is more than a turning point than many years before. Not as emotionally charged as the year of my sex-change operation. I mean. That was an epic New Year’s Eve. When we talk about emotions well that was it. Just before Christmas, I was rushed to the hospital with an awful pain in my side. I began to pee blood and for a moment, fate seemed to fuck me over hard. Apparently it was a kidney stone. A Nasty One. They could never find him though. Anyways what I want to explain is I use the power of this New Year to change. To change me and to change my life.

The Only Way to Change your Results in Life is to Change Yourself

By doing things differently. Make different choices and different actions than you are used to and say yourself. How many of your habits stem from a period of your life that no longer applies. Yet we are always in danger of getting stuck in old habits, just like a record that gets stuck. The same song, over and over again. What can I do? Very simple but also very brave. You have to change and above all continue to develop. Grow as a person. Neglecting your skillset equals entropy. You begin to fall and one day you wake up and then you find that you no longer matter. You no longer matter in your own life. So wake the fuck up Neo.

2020 A Change in Lifestyle

From a messy, uncontrolled Lifestyle to a Lifestyle that has more in common with the Minimalist approach. All items that we have not used in recent months and do not add to a better or happier life have found their final destination in the form of a garbage bag, a container and a zero sense of regret. A hell of a job because even a few kitchen greenhouses managed to produce 2 overflowing garbage bags and the end is not yet in sight.

The Removing of Things in Your Life

Removing all those things from your life suddenly gives a strange feeling of peace. Almost a euphoria. It sneaks up on you and strikes you at an unexpected moment. It is as if the space that was created in the house equals the space and brightness in my head. I no longer wish to come up with items that do not directly contribute to a happy life. No more distractions. Down with the old. Get rid of the stuff we never do anything with. Instead, focus on the activities and things that generate money, create health, embrace love and promote mental health.

A Bizare Feeling

The Minimalistic Lifestyle. It gives a bizarre feeling and I did not expect that. I’ve seen them. It has been extensively discussed on YouTube and in books. I thought it was an exaggeration. Just like taking the benefits of a cold shower. However, it is a total change of mindset. The benefits are so obvious now that I wonder why I couldn’t see that before. It was like quitting smoking. I was inventing all sorts of reasons for not having to stop and I had self-limited views about my own ability to pull the plug from a habit and a way of life that added absolute zero to the quality of my life. I no longer think about lighting a cigarette and soon I will no longer be thinking about surrounding myself with things and ways of thinking that add nothing to enjoying your life.

I Am Blessed

I am blessed with a fantastic partner who not only supports me in this lifestyle but also actively motivates me to be the best version of myself. This is not possible if you do not come to an important conclusion together. That growth and change are the basis for life. I foresee a fantastic future for both of us. Life has an infinite amount to offer, but what it gives you depends entirely on your own flexibility. How far can you stretch your mind to come to a suppleness that you previously thought impossible? The ultimate gift is your own mind. Your own freedom to choose and grow. Don’t give up that freedom. Do not be defined by the spectacle of life because it is only a shadow of the self. Don’t chase your own shadow.

You live in the past of your future self. Everything you do now at this moment determines your own future.